T Rice Communications


T Rice Communications Certifications

State of Ohio EDGE/Minority Business Enterprise (MBE and WBE)

Ohio Unified Certification DBE

 City of Cleveland (MBE/SBE/FBE)

Graduate of James H. Walker, Turner School of Construction Management


Advertising, Marketing, and Promotional Campaigns

Broadcast Advertising (Radio and TV)

Outdoor Billboards “Out-of-Home Media”

Media Planning, Buying, and Execution

Diversity & Inclusion Marketing Strategies

Video Production, including Pre-construction

Community Outreach Planning & Execution

Website Design / SEO

Creative Graphic Design

Printing Production

Digital Marketing

Developing Strategic Communications, Design & Creative Collaboration

First, we analyze your target audiences. We need to get to know the people for whom we will be designing; their likes, dislikes, learning style, flair, age, gender, culture, and more to fully understand who we want to reach.


Each step of the way we refer to the audience demographic and geographic target area when determining design, interactivity and each of the elements therin.

Research / Marketing Audit

Prior to beginning the process, we will research and examine existing campaign materials, this gives us a framework for assessing the landscape, offerings and marketing communications, and branding efforts based on input and analytics. The scope of this important overview can be local, regional and/or national. 


We will examine content and messaging, for a greater understanding of where there are partnerships and where there is overlap and differentiation. The purpose of this study will be to further clarify your mission.

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